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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Aadhi - Just pass - Short Music review..

Aadhi, a remake of Athanokade, has Vijay turning to VidyaSagar again after a cacaphonious flirt with Srikanth Deva and Dheena. So, it seems VS has tried to get melodies back in a Vijay movie. It is interesting to note that Paramasivan also has the same MD. Lets see which fares better…

1) Athi Athikka – Sung by SPB, this song is a non-starter. Very minimal instruments with a sedate yesteryear feeling in the tune, the choice of words used only emphasize this is a telugu dubbed movie. SPB’s voice unintentionally adds to this feel. 3/10

2) Iruvar Vazhum – A short song with just one stanza. A very decent melodious song with words adding value to the song. However, could’ve been a full song… 6/10

3) Lelakku – A nice taminglish thathuva song that will catch up on the charts. VS has done well to keep the rhythm and flow going and the lyricist hasn’t put a wrong foot with words… The first treat for Vijay fans in the album. 7.5/10

4) Thadakku – A strong heard before feeling. But still a melody that can move towards the ‘hit’ category if the movie does well. A Hariharan special for Vijay movie after a long time. 6.5/10

5) Yei Durra – The king of the pack. Masses will lap it and you can expect this song leading to the climax. The phrase “Ippo illanna Eppo” has been used very well as the signature line in every stanza. Though a mass song, VS has shown it needn’t be with heavy, naarasa orchestration. Srikanth Deva, please take a note here. Just the beats keep it going. Tippu and Saindhavi have added good energy to the song. 8/10

Overall, the quality of the album is fine. But will strongly depend on the movie’s success for it to sell. Only two songs make a straight move to the boundary. Overall Rating would be 6/10 for not damaging the ear buds..